Outpost Sand Summer League for Ages 10-18

May 25th
Registration for Outpost ages 10-18 Tuesday night Junior League is due by June 12th. Play begins June 16th.

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The Club that Cares

In 1988 a group of parents and coaches brainstormed to form a volleyball club that would serve as the local off-season training grounds. With only a couple of dozen players, this group laid the foundation to what is now the area's premier development program.

The Network Volleyball Club provides area athletes the chance to train and compete off-season in order to compete at the next levels.

Volleyball Net


2 Levels of Participation

Local / Regional or Elite Travel

  • All levels give players opportunities to continue skill development and team play.

  • All teams practice 2 times a week

  • All teams play in the Northern Indiana Power League Tourneys

  • Regional Travel Teams add a few extra tourneys before during or after Power League, and play AFTER Spring Break, thru April.

  • Sometimes these Regional teams become the Elite Travel teams and play through Nationals in June.

  • Elite Travel teams are for selected players who want to play at the highest level and for the longest season offered.

  • The Regional/ Elite Travel teams decide on AAU tourneys/or USAV tourneys.

  • At Network, the coaches and parents sit down and make the travel schedule. We feel this works best for everyone.

  • Additional tournaments cost extra $. Those costs are added up and divided by the number of players.  

Women Playing Volleyball
Above the Net


Fees will Include uniforms, practices, and ALL 6 of the Sunday Power League Tournaments.
U10's (3rd graders) - $375

U11's (4th graders) ~ $375
U12’s (5th and 6th graders) ~ $425
U 13’s (7th graders) ~ $575
U 14’s (8th graders) ~ $575
All High School Players: $575

Save these dates:

(Note: Power League site assignments are posted by Thursday before each tournament)

January 19th & 26th

February 16th & 23rd

March 8th & 15th


Limited Travel (January – June) these coaches and parents can choose additional tourneys beyond local Power League
If players make Regional or an Elite Travel Team...below are the Team Fees.

*Only Travel Teams MUST adhere to Age Group Definitions, with a copy of Birth Certificate with your coach.
U 12’s (5th/ 6th Graders ~ $575: players born on or after Sept. 1, 2006
U 13’s (7th graders) ~ $675: players born on or after Sept. 1, 2005
U 14’s (8th graders) ~ $675: players born on or after Sept. 1, 2004
U 15’s (9th graders) ~ $675: players born on or after Sept. 1, 2003
U 16’s (10th graders) ~ $675: players born on or after Sept. 1, 2002
U 17’s (11th graders) ~ $675: players born on or after Sept 1, 2001



All Teams Participate

January 19th & 26th

February 16th & 23rd

March 8th

March 15th - All Network Tourney



Send Club dues to:

Network Volleyball Club

702 W. Lawrence Street

Unit #206
Mishawaka, IN 46545

Text or Call Club Line (574) 330-0505

Text or Call Steve: (574) 276-9795


Text or Call Club Line (574) 330-0505

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